Morimoto Super 7 Headlight Installation Guide | 2007-2018 JK

Morimoto Super 7 Headlight Installation Guide | 2007-2018 JK

This installation guide is intended to be used to assist you during the installation of your Morimoto Super 7 Bi-LED Headlights.

Installation Video


Tools Needed:

  • Panel removal tool (Plastic preferred)
  • T15 Torx bit
  • Zip Ties
  • Cutters

Step 1

Remove the front grille:

  • Open the hood and secure with hood prop.
  • Remove the six plastic retainers from the top of the grille. We recommend a panel removal tool or small flat head screws driver to release the retainers.
  • Remove the grille by grabbing the bottom and pulling towards you to release the retaining clips.
  • Disconnect the wire connections to your factory turn signals by depressing the tabs.

Step 2

Remove the factory headlights:

  • Using a T15 torx bit remove the four bolts holding in the factory headlight.
  • Remove the headlight and disconnect the wiring connector.
  • Remove the retention trim ring from the factory headlight, as you will be using this to install the Morimoto Super 7.

Step 3

Installing the Super 7 headlights:

  • Place the retention trim ring over the Morimoto Super 7 headlight and place the assembly into the headlight opening.
  • Connect the Morimoto harness to the factory head light harness.
  • Secure any loose wires with zip ties, if needed.
  • Orient the light and trim ring until the trim ring is lined up with the factory mounting holes.
  • Secure the headlight assembly using the four T15 torx bolts.

Step 4

Test the functionality of the new Morimoto headlights.

Step 5

Re-install the front grille:

  • Place the grille back on the front and connect your factory turn signal harnesses.
  • Place the grille back into position and push the bottom in the secure the retainers.
  • Replace the six plastic retainers along the top of the grille.
  • Close and secure the hood.

Congratulations on installing your new
Morimoto Super 7 Bi-LED Headlights!

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