Morimoto 4Banger Fog Light Installation Guide | 2007-2018 JK

Morimoto 4Banger Fog Light Installation Guide | 2007-2018 JK

This installation guide is intended to be used to assist you during the installation of your Morimoto 4Banger Fog Lights.

Installation Video

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Panel removal tool (Plastic preferred)
  • H4 hex bit
  • T10 Torx bit
  • T15 Torx bit
  • Zip Ties
  • Cutters

Step 1

Setting up your 4Banger fog lights:

  • Remove the two T10 torx bit screws from the top rear of the light housing.
  • Install provided U bracket with the locating pin towards the light housing.
  • Secure with the longer provided T10 torx screws.
  • Install the plastic adjuster into the hole in the U bracket with the opening towards the back of the light. 
  • Place the 4Banger into the plastic mounting bracket, being sure to line up the adjustment screw location with the corresponding hole in the bracket. When the light is pressed into the bracket the alignment pins will line up and you should hear an audible click.
  • Install provided spring onto the top of the light housing. 
  • Install the large adjustment screw into the top of the light bracket and tighten with an H4 hex bit.
  • Use the four provided T10 torx bit screws to secure the inner bracket to the outer bracket.
  • Attach the wire harness adapter to the light.

Repeat the same process for the other 4Banger.

Step 2

Remove the front grille:

  • Open the hood and secure with hood prop.
  • Remove the six plastic retainers from the top of the grille. We recommend a panel removal tool or small flat head screws driver to release the retainers.
  • Remove the grille by grabbing the bottom and pulling towards you to release the retaining clips.
  • Disconnect the wire connections to your factory turn signals by depressing the tabs.

Step 3

Remove the plastic front bumper trim:

  • Using a phillips head screwdriver and a panel removal tool, remove the two retainers.
    • Remove the center with the phillips head screw.
    • Remove the base with a panel removal tool.
  • Remove the plastic trim panel by lifting up and out. 

Step 4

Remove the factory fog lights:

  • Disconnect the factory wiring harness by depressing the tabs.
  • Remove the four phillips head screws that secure the corners of the fog light bracket.

Step 5

Installing the 4Bangers:

  • Place the 4Banger into the fog light opening
  • Secure with the four phillips head screws that you removed in Step 4.
  • Connect the wiring harness adapter to your factory fog light wiring.

Step 6

Test for functionality!

  • We recommend that you park your vehicle approximately 25 feet from a flat wall to aim and adjust your beam pattern. 
  • Use the long adjustment screw located at the top of the fog light to adjust your beam pattern to your desired location. 

Step 7

Putting it all back together:

  • Replace the plastic front bumper trim piece and secure with the two retainers.
  • Place the grille back on the front and connect your factory turn signal harnesses.
  • Place the grille back into position and push the bottom in the secure the retainers.
  • Replace the six plastic retainers along the top of the grille.
  • Close and secure the hood.

Congratulations on installing your new
Morimoto 4Banger LED Fog Lights!

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