Kicker 5 Channel Amplifier & Downfire Subwoofer Bundle Installation Guide | 2007-2018 JK

Kicker 5 Channel Amplifier & Downfire Subwoofer Bundle Installation Guide | 2007-2018 JK
This installation guide is intended to be used to assist you during the installation of your Kicker 5 Channel Amplifier & Downfire Subwoofer Plug and Play Bundle from Bantam Overland.

This bundle is intended to be used with our JK Plug & Play Head Unit Bundles
or any aftermarket radio that uses the Maestro HRN-HRR-CH1 radio harness.

Installation Video

Tools Needed:

  • 9/32 inch socket (or 7mm socket)
  • 3/8 inch socket (or 10mm socket)
  • 18mm socket
  • Ratchet wrench (Manual or powered)
  • Socket extension
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Panel removal tool (Plastic preferred)
  • Side cutter
  • Zip Ties
  • Flashlight or work light
  • Wire fish or coat hanger
  • Towel

Step 1

Disassembly of your dash:

  • Start by removing the lower dash panel located under and around the steering column. This panel is held in with pressure clips and can be removed with your hands by pulling back towards you on the top of the panel. The panel can than be lifted out of the way to reveal two screws. These can be removed with a 9/32 inch socket. Place screws in the cup holder for safekeeping.
  • On top of the dash in the storage cubby under the rubber cover is another 9/32 inch screw to remove. Place screw in the cup holder for safe keeping.
  • Use a panel removal tool to remove the window switch control from the center of the dash. The switch control can be gently pried out to reveal the main connector. Push back the red locking retainer and depress the tab to release the connector from the switch control.
  • Removing the switch control from the previous step will reveal a fourth 9/32 inch screw. Remove the 9/32 inch screw. Place screw in the cup holder for safe keeping.
  • Next up is the removal of the dash trim. Gently pull back towards yourself on the dash trim and it will come loose. You will need to lift this up and over the steering wheel, so it may be necessary to place the steering wheel in the lower position.
  • Remove the four screws holding in the factory head unit. Place screws in the cup holder for safe keeping.
  • At this point, you can remove your radio by pulling straight out.
  • Remove the glovebox:
    • Open the glove box.
    • Press in on the sides of the glovebox to release the pins, rotate down and remove completely.

Step 2

Routing plug & play harness and RCA's to radio:

  • Route the 2 four pin connections from the plug & play harness up from the glovebox to behind the radio.
  • Repeat the same with the 6 Channel RCA's.

Step 3

Making connections to your aftermarket radio with Maestro harness:

    • Connect the blue remote wire from the plug & play harness to the remote wire on the Maestro harness. 
      • We have included extra bullet connectors for you to use if your harness does not already come with a female bullet connector. 
    • Disconnect the green and white 4 pin connectors on the Maestro harness.
      • Connect the white male 4 pin connector from the plug & play harness with white and grey wires to the female Maestro harness connector with white and grey wires.
      • Connect the black male 4 pin connector from the plug & play harness with green and purple wires to the female Maestro harness connector with green and purple wires.
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
  • Connect the provided set of RCA's to the RCA connections for Front, Rear & Sub on the back of your aftermarket head unit.
  • The RCA's are labeled:
    • Front Left (FL), Front Right (FR)
    • Rear Left (RL), Rear Right (RR)
    • Sub Left (SL) & Sub Right (SR) on both ends.
      • If you radio only has one sub output, use the provided Y splitter. Connect the single male RCA into the Sub out from your radio and the two end with double female adapter into the Sub RCA from your RCA bundle. 

    Step 4

    Re-install your aftermarket radio:

    • Confirm that all connections are made to the radio.
      • You may choose to secure the RCA's with tape.
    • Re-install your aftermarket radio per your manufacturers specification.

    Step 5

    Remove the front passenger seat:

    You do not need to fully remove the seat from the vehicle but you will want to at least lean it back into the back seat.

    • Remove the two front seat bolts using an 18mm socket and ratchet wrench.
    • Slide the seat forward and remove the two rear seat bolts using an 18mm socket and ratchet wrench.
    • If you are going to fully remove the seat, lean the seat back and disconnect any connections under the seat.

    Step 6

    Remove the front door sill and kicker panel:

    • Use a pry tool to remove the push pin that secure the door sill trim.
    • Remove the second push pin towards the rear of the door sill.
    • Pull out and up to release the door sill/kick panel. 

    Step 7

    Routing the RCA's and plug & play harness to under the front passenger seat:

    • Route them down behind the glove box and keep them tight to the transmission tunnel.
    • Continue running the wires around the firewall and towards the bottom of the A-pillar. 
    • Route the RCA's down to the floor and run them alongside the door jamb towards the front seat.
    • Once you have reached the center of the front seat ares, route towards the opening in the carpet under the front seat. 

      Step 8

      Routing the power wire from the battery to the front seat area:

      • Open and secure the hood to make access to the battery.
      • On the passenger side firewall behind the battery, remove the two wire holders that secure the main harness by pulling off of the retaining pins. 
      • Pull back the corner of the firewall carpet to reveal the firewall grommet that we are going to run the power wire through. 
      • Use a small razor knife to cut through the butyl rubber covering the grommet.
      • Insert your wire fish into the hole and insert it towards the floor. 
        • Attach the red power wire with the wire ferrule (opposite of the fuse holder) end to the end of the wire fish with tape.
        • Work the wire fish into the vehicle until the power wire has passed through the firewall. Pull out the slack until the fuse block is near the battery. 
      • Continue running the power wire through the factory wire channel near the door. Once you reach the middle of the seat area, run the power wire under the carpet and towards the opening in the carpet in the middle of the seat area. 
      • Use the provided zip ties to secure any loose wires. 

      Step 9

      Routing the ground wire:

      • Use the provided ground wire to connect to the factory ground location under the front passenger seat.
        • Remove the factory ground nut using a 10mm socket.
        • Place the ring terminal end of the ground wire in place and secure all wires with the factory 10mm nut.

      Step 10

      Making connections to the amplifier:

      • Place the Kicker 660.5 amplifier under the passenger seat. You may use the provides velcro or the universal brackets to mount it to the carpet or floor. 
        • Do not  permanently mount until all wires have been connected. 
      • Connect the RCA's to the RCA's on the side of the Kicker Amplifier.
        • Amp 1 L - FL Grey
        • Amp 1 R - FL Blue
        • Amp 2 L - RL Grey
        • AMP 2 R - RR Blue
        • Sub L - SL Grey
        • Sub R - SR Blue

        • Connect the speaker wires from the Plug & Play Harness:
          • Start with the rear speaker leads on the bottom row:
            • Amp 2 Left + Green
            • Amp 2 Left - Green/Black Stripe
            • Amp 2 Right + Purple
            • Amp 2 Right - Purple/Black Stripe
          • Front speaker leads on the top row:
            • Amp 1 Left + White
            • Amp 1 Left - White/Black Stripe
            • Amp 1 Right + Grey
            • Amp 1 Right - Grey/Black Stripe
          • Connect the subwoofer speaker leads:
            • Black to Sub - (Bottom Row)
            • Yellow to Sub + (Top Row)

        • Connect the power, ground and remote wires:
          • Loosen the set screws for power, ground and remote with the provided allen wrench. 
          • Insert the wire ferrule end of the black ground wire to "GND" and tighten set screw. 
          • Insert the wire ferrule end of the red power wire to "+12V" and tighten set screw. 
          • Insert the wire ferrule end of the blue remote turn on to "REM" and tighten the set screw. 
        • Take this time to secure any loose wires and clean up and extra wire. We recommend placing any extra under the carpet.

        Step 11

        Routing the subwoofer wires to the cargo area and downfire sub:

        • Route the black/yellow subwoofer wires along the passenger side of the Jeep towards the rear cargo area. 
          • We recommend running the wire either in the factory wire channel or just under the carpet following the factory wiring. 
          • Use zip ties to secure along the way. 
          • Continue running the wires under the rear seat and come out in the cargo area using one of the openings in the carpet near seat bracket. 
          • Depress the black push pin and insert the bare end of the black wire. 
          • Depress the red push pin and insert the bare end of the yellow wire. 

        Step 12

        Connect the power wire to the vehicle battery:

        • Mock up the fuse block and use the provided zip ties to secure it to the main harness near the firewall. Trim the excess zip tie off. 
          • You may also choose to use the provided velcro.
        • Route the power wire the positive battery terminal. 
        • Remove the 10mm nut on the positive terminal, place the red power wire on the terminal and secure with the factory 10mm nut. 
        • Secure any loose wires as needed. 

        Step 13

        Setting the gains on your Kicker amplifier:

        • Find a song that will play for at least a few minutes.
          • Confirm that your balance and fade is correct.
            • If your balance and fade are not correct, double check the RCA connections and speaker wire connections for correct orientation.
          • Turn up the volume on your head unit to about 75% of the MAX volume.
          • Using a small flathead screwdriver adjust the Front gain (Front Speakers) until your desired sound level is reached.
          • Repeat the same for the Rear gain (Rear Speakers) setting.
          • Repeat the same for the Sub Gain setting.
        • Once you are happy with your amplifier setting, you can secure any loose wires, finalize placement of the amplifier and begin reassembly of your Jeep. 

        Congratulations on installing your new
        Bantam Overland Kicker Amplifier & Subwoofer Plug & Play Bundle!

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