Bantam Overland Backup Camera Mount | 2007-2018 JK

Bantam Overland Backup Camera Mount | 2007-2018 JK
This installation guide is intended to be used to assist you during the installation of your Bantam Overland Backup Camera Mount.

Installation Video

Tools Needed:
  • Socket to remove lug nuts
  • Knife
  • Zip Ties
  • Cutters
Step 1

Disassembly of the back of the Jeep:
  • Remove the spare tire from the tailgate.
  • Open the tailgate and remove the black trim piece towards the top of the tailgate and the vented trim piece by gently prying it off with your panel removal tool. The clips are on the bottom of the plastic panel.
  • Push out the grommet in the tailgate where the wire for the 3rd brake light goes thru.
Step 2

Installing the backup camera mount:
  • Mount the base of the backup camera to the wheel studs that hold the spare tire on the carrier.
  • Secure the mount by placing the plastic grommets over the wheel studs and pushing them tight to the camera mount.
  • You will need to temporarily place the tire up on the carrier so that you can figure out where the arms on the camera mount need to be located. The goal is to have the camera inside one of the openings in your wheel so that you will have a clear view of what's behind you.
  • Run the camera wire towards the hole in the tail gate where you removed the grommet.
  • Use a knife or some cutters to CAREFULLY cut the side of the rubber grommet the length of the grommet.
  • We are opening up the grommet so that the camera wire can be run through with the wire for the 3rd brake light.
  • Once the camera wire is thru the tailgate, you can connect the camera wire extension.
    • Connect the round 4 pin connectors from the camera to the camera extension harness by lining up the arrows and pushing together. 
Pro tip: We recommend taping the connection so that it protected and stays secure.

Step 3

Running the camera wire:
  • Route the camera wire along the main harness in the tailgate, using zip ties to secure as needed.
  • Begin routing the camera wire towards the front of the vehicle and to the back of the radio.
  • We recommend running the wire along the passenger side of the Jeep under the carpet.
  • When you get to the doors, run the camera wire under the plastic molding. Continue till you reach the bottom of the A-pillar.
  • Route the wire behind the glovebox and towards the back of the radio.
  • Secure the camera wire with zip ties as needed.
Step 4

Connect the camera to your Sony bundle:
  • Connect the camera wire RCA to the connection labeled "Rear Camera In."
  • Connect the bullet connector for power and ground:
    • Connect the black wire to black wire from the radio bundle.
    • Connect the red wire to the red wire from the radio bundle. 
Step 5

Test functionality:
  • Test functionality of the camera and make any adjustments to camera mount to optimize camera view.

Congratulations on installing your new Bantam Overland Backup Camera Mount!

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